Now live on Venom Testnet

venom testnet now live so need to work for it.
Today i discuss about venom testnet step by step…..
at first need create venom wallet so need download venom wallet: 
Venom wallet downlod:
Collect venom Faucet:
Complete task and mint nft:

4. venom testnet start:
Liquidity Providing

5. VenomPools

6. VenomStake
Complete stake some tokens exmple: 10 $venom

7. VenomBridge:
improt your wallet in metamask from venom private key then complete cross chain transtication 
Step 1 of 2
Select token and enter amount
venom network to BNB Smart Chain 
Step 2of 2
2BNB Smart Chain to venom network
Check VenomScan and bsc scan

8. SnipaFinance
Connect venom wallet then Click join venom testnet and complete transtication

9. Numi Club :

Check your wallet if you join already you got some $naumi tokens for buy nft. after buy nft claim a box from your profile then submit feedback in naumi discord….. for more updates 
foolow :

Venom official Website
Venom Blockchain Testnet Campaign
Venom Blockchain welcomes all Web 3.0 users to join testing network and products developed on the


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