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Abdullah sk

Abdullah sk


Abdullah sk is a Novel & story writter, social worker.
He is the founder of khulnawap Inc and he is the leading key person working as the Chief Executive Officer of this internet company.
He has completed his honors from National University of Bangladesh in Political science.
He’s the founding president of Talkbeen and ASRIT Development Ltd.(AsritD).
He is a web Developer & Digital marketing expart.
He is a Director/Producer in Bangladesh.

Professional Skills:

Digital Marketing, Actor/Director, script writter, Producer, Novel writer and Web Design and Development, Video editing.

1) wordpress
2) php, hTML, HTML5, css, css3, JS,
c+, c++, c#, pytho, bootstrap, cms Development.
3) SEO, smm, emm.

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Last 2 work

* web site: CINTV24
* web site: Bhumitv(workin)

notice: I lost my domain & hosting, so here i add my info for few days.