What offers do I get with a new skitto SIM?

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Just as there are no good kacchis without alu, there are no skitto SIMs without freebies. Your new skitto SIM comes with:

– 3GB free data upon signing up to the app and saving your profile. You will get the first 1GB bonus (with 7 days validity) as soon as you sign up to the app. You will get the second 1GB bonus (with 7 days validity) between 13th to 17th of the second month and the third 1GB bonus (with 7 days validity) between 13th to 17th of the third month of your app registration.
– 100 free SMS to any local numbers with 30 days validity
– 10 taka mobile balance with 30 days validity
– 50 MB bonus data with 30 days validity

In addition to all the goodies above, if you buy a skitto SIM with a promo code, you will get an additional 1GB bonus data with 7 days validity. You can only use one promo code to purchase your skitto SIM. 

Click here to get your skitto promo code! By the way, our SIM costs only tk 200!

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