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Noia 350,000 NOIA Giveaway by winplay

Hello friends i am Md Alomgir Hosen again back for good news…
Noia 350,000 NOIA Giveaway by winplay for the top 500 users.
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NOIA Partners With Oracle for Startups for Path to Enterprise Sales


Oracle for Startups will be facilitating enterprise customer engagements and building awareness of NOIA Network.

NOIA Network is partnering with Oracle for Startups to bring there technology to major enterprise businesses around the world.NOIA already listed to kucoin hotbit bilaxy and many exchanges.

you can trade on kucoin bilaxy hotbit and others exchanges.

There teams have collaborated for months on how NOIA’s software stack can solve the needs of large organizations, vetting the features and market fit. Oracle has worked closely with there develop the NOIA Platform, which brings there technology to enterprises like themselves.

Adding NOIA’s gateway to the Oracle Marketplace will ensure every existing Oracle Cloud client has access to there technology.

There teams are committed to a long-term partnership that creates value for both companies. They excited to move forward together on solving enterprise networking needs.

About NOIA Network

NOIA Network aims to utilize Segment Routing, IPv6, and Distributed Ledger technology to create a global Software Defined Network (SDN) on the public Internet.

NOIA’s ‘programmable internet’ reportedly allows ISPs, data centers, and individual infrastructure providers to connect to Distributed Ledgers and sell their infrastructure as internet transit. The NOIA Platform aims to be the world’s first ‘Programmable Internet Backbone As a Service’.


for more details about this event visit this link

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