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How to Recover Encrypted by Ransomware or Data Deleted (Comprehensive Guide) part -1

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How to Recover Encrypted by Ransomware or Data Deleted (Comprehensive Guide) part -1

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comprehensive guide onRansomware Virus and Ransomware Data Recovery Methods. It includes the following:
*. What is Ransomware?
*. Types of Ransomware
*. What are the forms of Ransomware?
*. Who is targeted by a Ransomware attack?
*. How does Ransomware Get on your system?
*. How does Ransomware spread?
*. Symptoms of a Ransomware attack
*. What to do after a Ransomware virus attack?
*. What are the Ransomware data recovery methods?
*. Precaution & Preventive Measures against a Ransomware attack
*. History of a Ransomware attack in India?
Imagine a situation where you lost access to all your memorable moments as well as the official documents that you had been saving for the past several years. You tried to access each one of them, but they all seem to be locked and carry the same file extension. You contacted your friend and got to know that you’ve encountered a ransomware attack
Soon you realized that you don’t even have the backup of the data that you’ve lost access to.
Does this imply that your data is lost forever? The answer is, No. But, how did I say that? Let’s have a look –
Before looking forward to a ransomware data recovery solution, it is essential to have a better understanding of Ransomware. Read on to know more about Ransomware data recovery.
What is Ransomware?
*.Ransomware is malicious software (Malicious software – A superset of all the types of software like viruses, worms, etc., intended to secretly harm a computer, and/or the data stored in it).
*.It gets executed on a PC via malicious download or visiting a malicious/compromised website or by any other infected computer on the same network.
*.Ransomware generally encrypts the data, and/or block your device and are intended to force you to pay a ransom to the attacker in-lieu of decrypting the data or unlocking the device. The device could be a PC, an Internet of Things (IoT) device, or a mobile device.
*.It can seize your access and can control your Internet of Things (IoT) device.
*.It gives an attacker the access to victim’s data or device or both.
Types of Ransomware?
On the basis of the outcome of the attack, ransomware can be classified into the following categories:
1: Locker Ransomware
The ransomware that locks your system and demand a ransom to grant you access is categorized as locker ransomware.
2: Crypto Ransomware
This type of ransomware encrypts your files and coerce you into paying a specified amount of money to decrypt your files.
3: Scareware Ransomware
The malicious actor bombards the victim’s system with pop-ups stating that the system is infected with a virus. It asks the victim to pay for the anti-virus that would remove this virus.
4: Android Mobile Device Ransomware
This type of ransomware either permanently locks your mobile or steals its sensitive data, and demands a ransom to unlock it or to return the data.
5: IoT Ransomware
This category of ransomware is designed to get access to your IoT device and at the same time stop you from being able to access your device.
What are the Forms of Ransomware?
Ransomware dates back to 1989. The worst thing about ransomware infection is that it does not show any symptom early enough to prevent the disaster. Moreover, with the technological advancement and the introduction of Bitcoin ­­– an anonymous payment method — it has become easier for the attackers to escape as these digital transactions couldn’t be traced. Due to this, cybercriminals are on the increase and so are the various forms or variations of ransomware in the cyber-world.

Some of the Known Ransomware Forms or Ransomware Variations:

Locky Virus = Crypto Locker Virus =Torrent Locker Virus = Pacman Virus.

CryptoWall Virus=
Crypto Fortress Virus=
Wanna Cry Virus=
Wanna Crypt Virus.

Onion Virus= Wallet Virus = Gandcrab Virus= Bad Rabbit Virus.

Cerber Virus= Crysis Virus = CTB-Locker Virus = GoldenEye Virus

Jigsaw Virus=KeRanger Virus= LeChiffre Virus=NotPetya Virus.

Petya Virus= Spider Virus=Tesla Crypt Virus= ZCryptor Virus

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