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Art Of War 2 Liberation Of Peru Java Game

পাঁচমিশালি 1 year ago 9 Sep, 2019 at 12:30 am 627
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Art Of War 2 Liberation Of Peru Java Game

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Art Of War 2 Liberation Of Peru Java Game Year 2039. It has been six months since the defeat of the army of the Resistance. All the territory of Peru is under the control of the Confederacy. But the rebels did not surrender. They took refuge in the jungles of the Amazon, have gained strength again and ready to join the battle to liberate their homeland from bourgeois oppression.
In the role of General Jos Monteros You have to lead the Liberation Army of Peru and complete the work begun by his brother Miguel. From your decisive action depends on what the world tomorrow!
To achieve the goal you have to do 7 missions campaign to various locations. The game represented a wide variety of equipment, installations and upgrades. Each side has a unique technology with live performance and, consequently, their tactics of warfare. High dynamic game will not allow you be bored during the whole campaign. And if the campaign missions will be enough, you can download additional single mission from the server. And, of course, the best generals will be able to send the results to the server and compete for first place in the table of records.
But that’s not all! Now there is a unique opportunity to fight with friends over Bluetooth! This game mode will take a lot of unforgettable experiences to all fans of the genre RTS!
Attention titles and other improvements bought fee!

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